Our Team



Email: enquiries@blym.org.uk
Phone: 01923 772015

Rob Arthur

RYA Principal and Chief Instructor (Dinghy)
Qualifications: Senior Dinghy & Powerboat Instructor. SUP Instructor. CEVNI Examiner

Email: rob.arthur@blym.org.uk
Phone: 07453 315550

Favourite Part of BLYM?
"The ability for young and old to mix seamlessly creating one cracking learning environment! I love every minute down at BLYM and I enjoy developing sailors into instructors alongside Sam."

David Ridout

Chairman & Chief Instructor (Power)
Qualifications: Powerboat Instructor

Email: chairman@blym.org.uk

Graham Thomas

BLYM Leadership Team co-Chair
Qualifications: Dinghy Instructor

Email: graham.thomas@blym.org.uk

Favourite Part of BLYM?
"My favourite thing about BLYM is the people. I’ve always enjoyed every moment volunteering at BLYM through teaching, fund raising events and working days. From the juniors through to the seniors the club always seems to be full of happy, helpful and hospitable people. Teaching sailing to juniors is especially memorable, as the RYA schemes we teach focuses on safety first, then fun, then learning. Learning through fun is the most enjoyable part."

Graham Ivory

BLYM Leadership Team co-Chair
Qualifications: Assistant Instructor

Email: graham.ivory@blym.org.uk

Alan Russell

Qualifications: Senior Dinghy & Powerboat Instuctor

Email: finance@blym.org.uk

Favourite Part of BLYM?
"Having been involved with BLYM for more than 35 years, seeing just how much the club has grown and developed is breathtaking. Things have come a very long way since 1982 when BLYM was founded."

Sam King

Instructor Development
Qualifications: Dinghy & Powerboat Instructor

Email: sam.king@blym.org.uk
Phone: 07880 546529

Favourite Part of BLYM?
"The fun and friendly nature of the club - it’s a great place to learn how to sail...and the muffins in the galley are pretty good too!"