Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of organisation is BLYM?

We are a voluntary charity dedicated to the development of young people through sailing. All the people who help to run BLYM are volunteers who give generously of their time. The organisation is entirely self funding. BLYM has two essential components: an RYA Training Centre, which delivers our course programme, and a Sailing Club providing an activity programme for members.

What does BLYM offer?

BLYM has a fleet of 100 boats for members to use, and runs a full activity programme throughout the year. We sail on Bury Lake, and from time to time organise expeditions to bigger waters.

Where will I find the course joining instructions?

You can find out all the information you need by know by finding your course using the Courses menu. E.g. if you want to find out about your course joining instructions for the youth sailing course, 'RYA Start Sailing Stages 1 + 2', then follow the menu Courses -> RYA Youth Sailing Courses -> Start Sailing Stages 1 + 2 where you will find our 'Quick Course Information' including times, parent information and to be able to download the course joining instructions.

What are the Terms and Conditions of my course?

Please read our Terms and Conditions page

Why do I need to be a member?

BLYM is not a commercial organisation, so all participants need to join as a member. We offer annual membership to families and individual adults, temporary membership (normally 3 months)for those taking our courses, and daily membership for occasional guests of full members. Full members may bring guests for up to three visits; temporary members may not bring guests. We also offer group membership for schools, Scout and Guide groups, and other youth organisations. Everyone who sails at BLYM needs to be covered by one of these forms of membership.

Why doesn’t BLYM offer annual membership to individual young people?

The nature of our activities require an element of parental responsibility to ensure that young people fully understand the need to take part in a safe and well prepared way. We offer a 3-month temporary membership to individual young people to take part in our courses and to encourage them to sail afterwards. At the end of the 3-month period we ask that a Family, Student or Adult Membership is taken out.

How do I extend my membership at the end of the temporary period?

Simply login into the BLYM website and visit the 'Renew Membership' page under the 'Membership' tab.

Am I insured?

BLYM has third party liability insurance for the club and its officers, and the boats and equipment are covered for loss or damage. BLYM does not (and cannot) provide insurance cover for personal accident and property, this must be taken out by the individual if required.

Our insurance company requires us to draw to your attention the following statement: “BLYM officers, RYA Instructors, RYA Senior Instructors and RYA Coaches do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury suffered by person and/or their property arising out of and during the course of their activities whilst supervising and/or training and/or coaching and/or instructing unless such injury, loss or damage was caused by or resulted from negligence or deliberate act.”

How can temporary members sail at BLYM after their course?

Please check our website for the latest opening times To take part you will need to be competent to rig, launch and sail your boat in the prevailing conditions. Younger members may need some help from parents to do the heavier aspects of this. To sail independently we would expect you to be of a minimum standard of RYA Level 2 (adults) or RYA Start Sailing 3/4 (juniors). We charge a small fee for general sailing sessions.

Can any member take part in general sailing sessions?

As long as you are competent to sail, yes. Those under 12 we require a parent or responsible adult to remain on site throughout the session to provide help and support if needed.

Is there Safety Cover?

The Duty Warden is responsible for safety, and has the final say on who can sail, and in what boat. The Warden has to manage the whole fleet, and needs to be sure that no-one attempts to sail in a boat or conditions beyond their abilities. Safety cover is always provided by our rescue boat and we can give you some assistance. However, we do not provide instruction during general sailing sessions, so make sure you are capable of sailing your boat in the prevailing conditions.

How do I book?

Just turn up at the times above or phone ahead (01923 772015) if you want to check availability or conditions. On arrival, report to the Duty Warden who will allocate you a boat, register at the galley and pay your fee. The Warden is responsible for management of the water and is primarily concerned with safety and will need to assess your ability to sail. So remember to bring your and your RYA Log Book.

What if I need help?

General sailing sessions are designed to encourage novice sailors to gain more experience. Help is on hand if you should need it (don’t be afraid to ask!). But we expect you to be able to do most things for yourself and we do not provide intensive instruction at general sailing sessions – that’s what the courses are for. Parents or carers of young children may need to help their children with the heavier elements of rigging and launching; please get it checked if you are unsure.

What do I do at the end of a general sailing session?

Please take your boat off the water, de-rig it, and put all the equipment away. Remember to sign out at the galley before you leave. You can get the session signed off in your RYA Logbook if you ask at the galley.

And if I have other questions?

Contact details for the club officers can be found at

Bury Lake Young Mariners
Rickmansworth Aquadrome
Frogmoor Lane